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Luke Gattuso

Online Graphics

A graphic should do more than look cool. It should give the viewer an idea of what to expect, but not give away the entire story. Each of my graphics tells you something- but doesn't tell you everything.

The Free Radio poster was created to mimic the campaign posters of Barack Obama. Each color section was hand-traced.

The UUUS are an improv group. The varied poses and expanding shadows show reflect the way small suggestions are expanded into full musicals.

Photo converted to comic book art, reflecting the youth of the subject.

THe Daughters of Darkness is an independent grindhouse-style movie. The poster was made to resemble the cheap folded posters that often were used to promote such films.

The Frequency of Stars deals with astronomy and living in a small unincorporated town. The star names are locations in and near the town.

Michelle Bachman was seen by many as childish and severe. The bright colors and cartoon style are reflections of those traits.

The white letters are like angels. The downard black stroke is their fall.

This blueprint of the TARDIS from Doctor Who was created for a laser engraver. Details are simplified, but strong enough to clearly show the spirit of the subject.

To Hades And Back (Again) is a play that is constantly out of balance. The title is intentionally skewed and larger than the postcard surface. The bowl of fruit is a key point of the play.