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Luke Gattuso

My Other Sites

I've been on this Internet thing for a long time, and I've managed to leave pieces of myself all over the place. Here are some of the most significant places you might find me.

Photography sites is the site for the latest information about current photo exhibits.
zenfolio has prints available for purchase, including framing.
flickr is where I put all photos I've taken and wish to share. They are not all currently available for sale- but if you see one you'd like to purchase, let me know and we can work something out.

Other Interests was my primary site for many, many years. It's where I have (and will continue to) put whatever silly things pop into my head.

mlkshk is the site where I put images that I think are interesting or funny, whether they were created by me or something else. As most of them are not mine, they are not available for purchase. is my dedicated teacher site. Right now, it's just a teacher-centric biography. When I am teaching full time, it is used as a classroom resource for students and parents.